At We Love Care, customer service is our highest priority. It is so important to us that all of our customers are happy and feel valued and listened to by us,

We have very strict policies throughout our organisation which ensure this is at the forefront of the minds of all of our staff, from our carers to our Coordinators up to director level.

We work very closely with all our clients and their families to ensure we are always meeting their expectations and more.

We Love Care - Home health care service in Maidenhead, EnglandAt We Love Care we from day one make some pledges to our customers- pledges we keep!

  • We pledge to let our clients lead their care plan and we actively promote our clients to do this, We work for you and we do things how you like right down to the way you receive your rotas and paperwork
  • We pledge to care for all our clients as if they were our own loved ones with the same passion, care, attention to detail and love and kindness
  • We pledge to never send a carer to your door of whom you have not met
  • We pledge to always let you know if someone is running late or if we have had to make a carer swap within your pool of allocations to cover sickness
  • We pledge to ensure all carers have in-depth training on your care plan and on your personalised requests before any visits to avoid you having to run through the routine again
  • We pledge to support you with any changes in care that you require
  • We pledge to assist you with any funding requirements or social services intervention including occupational therapist assessments and new equipment needed
  • We pledge to do all in our power to ensure you are happy and satisfied with the service received by We Love Care
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