Will I have the same carer or different ones every day?

We Love Care pride ourselves on providing dedicated care assistants so you can really get to know your carer. We then allocate a back up for holiday periods and sickness.

How do you make sure your carers turn up on time and carry out the tasks they are supposed to?

All care staff are heavily monitored, We are able to monitor in live time their arrival and departure and we have a system in which they must write notes for all allocated tasks before being able to log out of the visit.

We will always see if anyone is running late or if anything has been missed. This same tracking app is also available to loved ones and relatives who can also view everything in live time.

Do your carers speak good English?

All of our care assistants are fluent in English, If they were not they would not pass our strict recruitment criteria.

Am I able to tell you what type of tasks I need completing or will you tell me what you need?

Absolutely! YOU are in charge of your own care plan and we will only advise when requested. yYou are the boss and we complete the tasks you want and need in the exact way you want us to.

I am unable to pay your fees how do I apply for funding?

If you have any financial concerns we are more than happy to assist you in applying for funding with your local council and can support you all the way with your application.

Do you provide overnight care or short term assignments?

Yes we do, Please do call in our office and we can let you know our availability.

Do you give allocated times for visits or a window?

We always dedicate a time to our clients as requested by them. We then turn up at that time, No earlier and no later.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.